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Wot’s All This, Then?
April 24, 2010, 12:11 am
Filed under: Pete Doherty

Apparently nothing.

This blog is now on semi-permanent hiatus, much like Pete Doherty’s better judgement and sense of restraint. I say “semi-permanent” (despite the fact that it very much leans toward “permanent”) for two reasons:

1. I like to have my options open. Like Jason Vorhees. Or James Patterson. Sometimes things just keep coming back and proving the theory of diminishing returns correct.
2. It annoys Scott when I modify words with adjectives that completely undo them. Like “nearly anonymous.” And “almost pregnant.”

My apologies to those who may have checked in here periodically and wrote  “Please write me” on the dusty windows. I thought this blog would write itself, what with the unlimited potential of Pete Doherty to make every day a spectacular trainwreck, each one more spectacular than the last.

However, as much as I gave it free rein to speculate on Pistol Pete’s whereabouts (the gym? mum’s house? mum’s house and then the pawnshop?) or insult Clive Cussler’s massive car/watch collection, this blog has refused to write itself and the 50 or so monkeys I picked up at the bodega have done nothing more than cram my hard drive full of misspelled missives and MS-Paint drawings of bananas and the men who love them.

So it is with a heavy heart and an overly-worded goodbye that I say “goodbye.” Thanks for reading, and to those of you who contributed, thanks for writing.



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And what about all the fucking fish then? Nevermind I just thought……Nevermind.

As much as it saddens me I completely understand. Blogs are ridiculously time intensive when you care to post the very best. You’ve entertained me countless (truthfully I could probably go back and count) times with this one, and I thank you.

Just don’t kill Fancy Plans or I’ll hunt you down and all that then.

Comment by Scott Oglesby

Haha!!! “Truthfully, I could go back and count…”

17 posts and half of them weren’t even mine. Fancy Plans will always be, long after I run out of good ideas and am simply coasting on fumes.

Thanks for hanging out while it lasted, Scott.

Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer

Ah, the old story: Running two blogs, plus writing a wealth of lengthy and comically biting comments, not to mention keeping an eye out on Mr. Tanager, as well as a stream of FB satire (and again, more rock the comedy comments) Being A Fan, Liking The Like, Getting 100% Behind Everything, hanging out with Tim and Fernando – and suddenly you don’t have time for the heroin addled celebrity blog.

You’ve let us all down and I’m terribly disappointed in you. But you can make it up to me by writing the “Alan Truitt meets Ram Venkatararam in Prison and the two become cell mates and together write a light opera that makes them famous” blog, and all will be forgiven. Just so you know, that includes you writing the book, music and libretto. Oh, and the choreography.

Thanks for the good times here. I’m sure that should Pete get up to some antics in the near future (what are the odds?) I’ll be reading your thoughts on it somewhere. And I look forward to that.

Comment by alantru

That Mr. Tanager is a bristly, well-spoken fellow. He’s beginning to grow on me, like a finely aged retrovirus.

Thanks for your sympathy, Alan. And for your swift retraction of said sympathy. I’ll look into doing something along those lines for you. Like Ram V. meets Abbott & Costello on Globetrotter meets Gilligan’s Island island.

I’m not sure where I’ll find the time. Perhaps if I had some time to build a time machine. Not so much to travel thru time, but to crank out more time. Let me know if you can help. I’ve got aluminum foil. And, um… some felt.

Thanks for the compliments and berations, Alan.

Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer

I stopped by the other day, but because I was on monster-claw hand inducing cold meds (ask Mr. Tanager), I thought maybe my eyes were deceiving me.

But alas, I am back (and somewhat more coherent), and see that I was wrong. (Perhaps I’ve been wrong all these years and actually fare better under the influence than I originally thought).

I am saddened, yet I agree with Mr. Truitt. And if you agree to write a special blog/book/libretto on my behalf(preferably something in a Times New Roman font),all will be forgiven.

I’m glad it’s just a semi-permanent hiatus, though. Because really, when it comes down to it, there is some pure gold in here, much of it written by yours truly (er, yours truly being you, not me).

And you just never know…

Comment by bschooled

Thanks b, for coming by and paying your semi-final respects. I will, of course, take your advice and begin to compose a libretto, borrowing liberally from the opus I am currently writing for Alan and Ram.

I can’t guarantee it will make sense, have a hummable tune or even be worth the digital paper it’s printed on, but I think I should have ended this sentence before it started.

Thank you again for the compliments. I will continue to leave my options open and my various musical works mostly uncomposed.

Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer

“Almost pregnant.” You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to use that line on guys to get them to stay with me and love me. Damn, it never works.

Comment by Vodka and Ground Beef

I don’t know what’s wrong with those guys. Have they no idea how very nearly legally binding “almost pregnant” is? And really, the best kind of love is the obligated kind. Any parent/pastor/”almost pregnant” childhood sweetheart will tell you that.

Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer

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