Blow by Blow

What’s the what

Pete Doherty: high on life.

Ah. To be a celebrity.

Rich. Famous. Free from thought and responsibility. Free to make bad decision after bad decision and leave publicists, agents and various “friends” to clean up the mess.

The entourage. The hype men. The bullshit ring of protection to keep you from being absorbed by the masses.

This is the wages of fame. Your every flaw will be magnified. Every misstep documented. Every word that escapes your mouth, free from forethought or afterthought will be recorded.

Documented here is the neverending struggle of the uncommon man or woman against the minutia of everyday life, inanimate objects and each other.

All events depicted in these pages are satirical or flat-out ridiculous. Any resemblance to actual events is purely coincidental. However, if any celebrity shit goes down exactly as imagined in these pages, there will be great rejoicing. If nothing else, we all like to be right once in a while.

This is where it began:
Pete Doherty vs. 999

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Love this concept CLT.

Two posts (one more like a pre-post) and I’m already hooked.

Comment by bschooled

Hooked already, bschooled?

Well, I was aiming toward being the “designer drug” of the internet, but I’ll settle for the good, old-fashioned addictiveness of black tar heroin.

As always, great to see you.

Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer

Damn, who installed the mirror on my laptop?


Good work!

Comment by Dan McGinley

If I had to guess as to who installed that mirror, I’d go with “the man.” He’s always doing shit like that.

Thanks for checking us out, Dan. Always good to see you.

Comment by Capitalist Lion Tamer

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